A downloadable game for Windows

ALIEN: NOSTROMO is/was an project to adapt the 1979 movie Alien into a adventure game format. 

Starting as an thought experiment and evolving into a working engine with all the basics of adventure game, sadly as of now this project is on hold.

But as a tech demo proof of concept its worth exploring a full 3 decks of the Nostromo in all its pixely glory. 

PS Right click to run ingame after you get dressed




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I don't know if i did something wrong but i couldn't get any progress after i got dressed. It was just walking around looking around. But i have a LOT of hopes for this game and hope you continue working on this. PLEASE continue please 😢


Very cool idea. I really like this and I hope this project continues to grow. You gained a supporter today. Thanks for taking the time to do this!